Compliance+ Clinical & Healthcare

Compliance+ Clinical & Healthcare is the best practice quality standard for recruitment businesses and compels members to go beyond statutory safeguarding standards and aim for excellence in competency, selection and service quality. This was developed alongside the existing Compliance+ Education and Compliance+ Social Work to provide an uncompromising quality benchmark for Education, Social Work and Clinical & Healthcare recruitment companies.

How to become accredited

The Compliance+ accreditation process is administered by APSCo. However, audits are undertaken by independent professional auditors that specialise in auditing situations where the safeguarding of vulnerable people is involved.

There are seven steps to becoming accredited to Compliance: 
  1. Complete the APSCo membership application process 
  2. Provide APSCo with certain information about your company
  3. Review APSCo Compliance+ terms of business here
  4. Understand the requirements of Compliance+ 
  5. Ensure internal processes are in line with the best practice requirements 
  6. Request an audit
  7. Pass the audit on an annual basis showing continuous improvement 

For more information on Compliance+, please call us on +44 (0) 203 117 0910 or email [email protected].

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Clinical & Healthcare Standards

Model+ Documents

Model Documents

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Model Policies

Compliance+ Audit Overview

Compliance+ audits will be undertaken by independent auditors. An in-depth remote audit will take place two years in a row, on the third year, the audit will be face-to-face, taking place at the recruitment business's place of work. 

Further details on the remote audit process can be found here.

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