Contract Review Service

This is a written risk assessment service which will assist with your record keeping and approval processes and will make it easier for directors and your investors to have visibility of your business risk.

This service is available to members and is being provided by three of our legal Trusted Partners.

Our Service Providers


JMW Solicitors LLP offer a full range of commercial services to the recruitment sector. They are well placed to advise staffing businesses due to their many years working in the sector and their understanding of the challenges that recruiters face on a day to day basis. Areas that JMW are regularly called to advise on a commercial basis include advising on terms of business and terms of engagement with clients, suppliers and workers/contractors, 2nd tier supplier agreements and master and neutral vendor agreements, Shareholders’ Agreement, Articles of Association and commercial leases. 

The Risk Assessment

The risk assessment will highlight the key commercial and legal issues in the contract.  The assessment will provide clarity on nature of services, payment and invoicing terms, liability and indemnities you are being asked to give, insurance obligations, and re-engagement protection.

The risk assessment may contain basic suggested rewording of key clauses.

Even if your client says the contract is non-negotiable, and you feel you’ve no choice but to sign, (or you may have already signed), this service will allow you to focus on your obligations and, look at ways to potentially reduce liability to your company through operational best practice. It will also be helpful as part of an audit process.

The service

To request a contract review, please email [email protected]. You will be asked to complete a form; to give the details of the person to be contacted concerning the contract review, to identify the Service Provider you wish to instruct and to attach your contract to a confidential email. Ensure that you are logged into the APSCo website or have you log-in details ready.

Your chosen provider will confirm receipt of your request within 24 hours of receipt and you should receive a written risk assessment within 2-3 working days.

There is provision for an additional fee to cover a 24-hour turnaround time.

For the full terms of the service see the Terms and Conditions of the APSCo Contract Review Services.

If you have any questions about APSCo’s Contract Review Service, please contact [email protected].

Fees for the Service

You will be billed by APSCo upon completion of the review. The fees quoted below include APSCo's standard administration fee of £75 plus VAT per review. The APSCo fee is not dependent on the amount charged by the provider (e.g. a higher fee due to length of contract) and there is no additional APSCo administration fee for 24 hour turn around.


£700 plus VAT per contract (maximum 35 pages subject to agreement if exceeded)

£900 plus VAT 35-60 pages

JMW are a regulated law firm and the review will be completed by a qualified solicitor with experience in contract negotiation. You will receive the protection of being a client of JMW.

Additional Flat Fees

24-hour turnaround –  Additional £250 plus VAT, subject to the availabilty of the provider to deliver the urgent turnaround. Contracts in addition to 60 pages – fee to be agreed with provider.

You will be billed by APSCo for the service upon completion. The fees include an administration charge levied by APSCo.

Associated services

Should you require our service providers to provide any further services this will not be included within the Contract Review Service, and the cost of such services should be negotiated directly with our service providers.

The following is an indication of some of the additional services they may offer:

  • More detailed legal review, feedback and rewording on the contract and schedules. This is likely to be applicable to you if the contract is commercially important or sensitive.
  • Drafting of amended, replacement or additional clauses to be suggested to the client in accordance with your commercial/operational preferences, designed to improve your contractual position.
  • Preparation of a draft letter to clients setting out your negotiating position.
  • Drafting of clauses to echo obligations, liabilities and responsibilities from your client agreement into the standard contracts you use for contractor/umbrella companies/agency suppliers/consultancy firms.
  • Negotiation with clients/MSPs/contractors/umbrella companies/agency suppliers/consultancy firms whether directly or via their legal representatives to agree contractual terms.
  • Creation of new contracts or alteration to your standard contacts to cover the specifics of your business offerings.
  • Advice and assistance with disputes you may have with clients, contractors and others.

Legal Training

You can also find details of our legal and compliance workshop here and our essential recruitment compliance course for recruiters here.

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APSCo cannot be responsible or held liable for any losses howsoever arising from the use of the APSCo Contract Review Service.