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Welcome to the APSCo Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resource Hub. On this page, you will find a broad range of guidance, expert advice, and practical information designed to help develop your understanding of ED&I and enhance your work in this area. These resources will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed and up to date on ED&I matters.

We have also launched our new Inclusive+ Recruiter ED&I training programme which will enable your people to recruit more inclusively, reach diverse and underrepresented talent, and better engage with your clients, candidates, and colleagues. The end of course online assessment will also allow participants to gain the Inclusive+ Recruiter accreditation – a tangible demonstration to your clients and candidates that you employ inclusive recruiters and consequently giving you a distinct competitive advantage. Find out more here

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Policy Guidance

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Recruitment Best Practice

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Support for Leaders

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ED&I Research

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Steering Committee

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Marketing & Comms

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Gender Reassignment



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Marriage & Civil Partnerships

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Mental Wellbeing

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Pregnancy & Maternity

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Religion or Belief

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Social Mobility

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Multi-media resources

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Insight for Non-Members