The APSCo logo is a badge of quality for any business operating within the professional recruitment market.
Upon joining APSCo, all prospective members must complete an in-depth application form and provide up to 10 references from their candidates and clients. APSCo only allows professional and appropriate businesses to join, and once a member, the requirement to continue to uphold high standards of business and behaviour doesn’t stop.

Code of Conduct

All APSCo members abide by a Code of Conduct and have to complete a 3 yearly risk assessment. All APSCo Codes of Conduct are reviewed on an annual basis and agreement to our Codes is a requirement of APSCo membership.
Under our Codes, members must:

  • Operate ethically, respectfully and honestly 
  • Comply with all relevant legislation including the Employment Agencies Act
  • Assure transparency and accountability in the recruitment process
  • Be transparent, clear and fair in their dealings with end clients and candidates 
  • Ensure staff have the skills and knowledge to provide services that adhere to APSCo’s Code of Conduct.

Only the best recruitment companies can become and stay APSCo members. We take our badge of quality very seriously and, if we receive a complaint, we will investigate any allegation thoroughly and transparently.

Complaints Procedure

The APSCo complaints procedure can be viewed here. To make a complaint please email [email protected].


APSCo has developed Compliance+ accreditation to provide an uncompromising quality benchmark for recruitment companies working in high-compliance and safeguarding sectors. It compels members to go beyond statutory safeguarding standards and aim for excellence in competency selection and service quality. 
Employers seeking a recruitment partner for roles that require individuals to engage with vulnerable adults and children can rest assured that APSCo members that hold a Compliance + accreditation have been thoroughly, and independently vetted to the highest standards. Our Compliance+ standards are recognised by the Crown Commercial Service, and we work with them and other Government and non-governmental stakeholders to ensure that the standards remain appropriate.

APSCo Member Risk Assessment (AMRA)

In order to ensure our members consistently deliver the high quality service that APSCo expects, any firm that has been part of the APSCo community for three years will take part in our Member Risk Assessment. This is an assessment process to ensure that all APSCo members work within all relevant employment, recruitment and contractual legislation and regulations. Members are required to pass this assessment once every 3 years to ensure their continued suitability as an APSCo member.