Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR 2010) is UK based legislation derived from an EU Directive. The Regulations define the employment status of an "agency worker", and provide agency workers with a set of employment rights. 

The aim of the legislation is to ensure that temporary workers working through recruitment companies are provided with employment rights similar to those they would have received if they had been working permanently for the end-user client. The main right provided by the Regulations is the provision of basic working and employment conditions equal to those enjoyed by permanent staff on site with the end-user client.

From the first announcement in 2010, APSCo has been at the heart of discussions aimed at shaping the regulations to provide the protection for workers sought whilst balancing these requirements with the practicalities and nuances of the UK employment market. 


APSCo has a variety of tools and useful information available to recruitment professionals, candidates and employers based on the AWR 2010. 

For recruitment companies and hirers:

For candidates: