APSCo supports members’ ambitions through its expertise in many key market sectors. We provide expert content via sector-specific events, specialist guest speakers, and hiring trends data, allowing members to network with their peers. We also help members navigate the challenges of certain markets with legal and compliance support and best practice standards and through campaigning for political and behavioural change. See below for more detail on each of our specialist sectors.

Sector Group Clinical

Clinical & Healthcare

Sector Group Education

Education Sector

Sector Group Engineering

Engineering Sector

Sector Group Finance

Finance Sector

Sector Group HR

HR Sector

Sector Group Icons Interim

Interim Sector

Sector Group Icons 2023 IT

IT Sector

Sector Group Legal

Legal Sector

Sector Group Media

Media, Marketing & Sales Sectors

Sector Group Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Sector

Sector Group Social Work

Social Work Sector