More and more we see firms putting greater emphasis on a media and marketing-led approach as they strive to grow their businesses. Companies are acutely aware of the importance of excelling in these areas. Sourcing quality candidates is vital to their success. 

The sales function in any business is crucial because it drives revenue, fosters customer relationships, and sustains the company's growth. Recruiting skilled salespeople is key to success as they are the frontline ambassadors who understand customer needs, build trust, and ultimately close deals, ensuring the business thrives and prospers.

Sourcing these candidates can be tough and managing high client expectations. APSCo has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the best hiring practices, enabling you to find the right people for these roles. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Our Expertise

  • A positive culture within the sector group to support open discussion, and facilitate an environment where members can build networks for the purpose of collaboration
  • Sector group meetings and events giving your senior leadership team an important opportunity to network and discuss key topics and issues
  • Support and guidance for compliance managers, through specific meetings, events and legal resources
  • Targeted market research and data for the media, marketing and sales recruitment sector
  • Active advocacy within Government and other stakeholders to help shape the future of the sector. Read our latest political engagement.

Sector Chairs

Janine Owen

Janine Owen

Director, The Talent Crowd

Victoria Winter

Victoria Winter

Manager, Huckleberry Recruitment


Media, Marketing & Sales Events

We hold regular Media, Marketing & Sales sector meetings. You can find an example agenda from one of the meetings below:

APSCo Marketing Forum: How to Attract Staff through a Strong, Cohesive Employer Brand to Multiple Demographics

We will hear from Kat Allenby, ThinkinCircles I Recruitment Marketing, on how to build a strong employer brand. She will be discussing what works when it comes to employer branding and the pitfalls to avoid.

This will be followed by Jonathan Foyne, JOBVIDDY - Video Production Agency & SOCIALVIDDY, looking at how to get the most out of your video content. Video has become an exciting new tool to help get your message across, but you need to use it wisely.

Media, Marketing & Sales Research

APSCo has partnered with Trusted Partners to produce media, marketing and sales sector reports free to APSCo members. These reports are based on a wide-ranging analysis of the recruitment sector. Find an example of our sector research here. You can also read a recent Trends Snapshot here.

Legal Support

Our team of legal experts provides a range of support to our members, helping them navigate the complex and ever-changing compliance requirements of recruitment. As a member, staffing firms can access:

Business Support

We are the single destination for advice, guidance and support across the media, marketing and sales recruitment sector. Our knowledge of the global professional recruitment market means we have the insight and experience to know what challenges recruiters are facing and how they can be better supported.

 By joining other, like-minded recruiters, your business will benefit from:

  • A sector-specific and broader recruitment events schedule
  • Training and development options that are tailored for every function in your recruitment firm
  • Global market intelligence and research
  • Expert advice on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) through the APSCo Embrace hub
  • Access to a range of Trusted Partners – all fully vetted by APSCo
  • Access to a range of Advisors via AdvisorLink
  • A recognised and trusted badge of quality as an APSCo recruitment member

Member Research & Events

APSCo produces regular reports and research. Members can access all of this content here.

We also hold regular events on a variety of industry topics. Details of all our events can be found here.

Our virtual meetings are recorded and members can download this resource from our On Demand.

Your next step

Can you afford to miss out on the vast wealth of support and services APSCo offers to media, marketing and sales recruiters? Why not request a guest place at our next sector meeting to experience this first-hand?

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