Inspiring and supporting women in leadership to fulfil their potential is a challenge for many professional recruitment businesses today. This programme developed at the request of members addresses the challenges that can hold women back and offers practical tools to enable them to navigate barriers more effectively.

Learners will develop the critical skills and habits that lead to effective leadership roles, as well as expand awareness around the power of authentic confidence, self-awareness and mindfulness. Learning how to expand influence through impactful communication, develop stronger work relationships, and build more positive cultures.

Programme structure

Full Day Classroom / virtual based training

  • Understanding control and influence
  • Unconscious bias v personal responsibility
  • Defining Career Success and creating a strategic vision
  • Dealing with Self-doubt and the inner critic
  • Leveraging relationships

Download the full course overview here 

Mastermind sessions

In three 90 minute mastermind sessions with a maximum group of 5, delegates will have the opportunity to explore the content further with a peer group. They will discuss their own experience and create action plans to support career development and increase confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the systematic and personal barriers to career advancement
  • Create a strategic vision for authentic leadership and promotion
  • Recognise the invisible habits that hold you back and build new effective replacements
  • Deal with self-doubt and an imposter mindset effectively
  • Use practical tools and techniques to overcome barriers and plan for success
  • Manage stakeholders and build champions
  • Speak out with impact in meetings

Here's what our delegates say:

Through the Women in Leadership Programme, I’ve learned several tips on how to insert myself even more in conversations and meetings with other Leaders and how to ensure I get my point across while also supporting and engaging others to speak up. It also helped me gain more confidence in my own leadership style as well as helping me define my own leadership style more.

Phaidon International

For me, the Women in Leadership Programme was not only a professional but personal development journey. It helped me identify conscious and unconscious habits be that in the workplace or in my personal life that was holding me back from being a better leader. I feel more confident in my ability to lead from the front and have developed a network who provides support and encouragement to each other.

Phaidon International

Through the programme, I found comfort and confidence after to speaking with others, as it highlighted that my worries about my next career move were shared by many in the room. However, this did not stop them in progressing, and gave me the reassurance I can do the same.

Phaidon International


  Online, trainer led 
(1 day)                                 
Open Place                 
- £795 +VAT
In-company* £3,825 +VAT £4,450 +VAT
In-company** £5,730 +VAT £6,350 +VAT

*Plus trainer expenses based on up to 5 delegates.

** Plus trainer expenses based on 5-10 delegates.

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