Recognising the value Trusted Partners bring to the sector, APSCo is proud to have developed a training offering which will upskill your people, increase your competitive advantage and enhance your business opportunities.

For Trusted Partners APSCo training includes:

  • Knowledge of the Recruitment market – Specifically designed for Trusted Partners
  • Sales skills - All courses can be tailored to the supplier market
  • Support staff training – From Personal Effectiveness to Leadership
  • Leadership Development – Both qualification based and tailored courses

Open courses are available either as specific courses aimed purely at Trusted partners e.g. Suppliers Guide to The Recruitment Market or in some cases we would recommend you join recruitment colleagues both to develop skills and to gain greater insight into the market. 

In-company courses are available and can be tailored to your business requirements, you can explore the full portfolio here or for an initial discussion contact the talent development team using the form below.