For recruiters with 18 months+ of experience, APSCo offers training to build on core skills, elevate billings and develop careers promoting recruiters from good to great performance

All courses can be utilised as stand-alone training or to complement your in house training.

Courses we offer

  • Land & Expand - Elevates your recruiters beyond just quick wins by mastering the tactics, tools and techniques to successfully penetrate key accounts, maximise existing contacts and ultimately build lasting and profitable relationships. Find out more and book.
  • Strategic Sales - Enable your consultants to create a structured quarterly business development plan which will allow them to win more business, propelling your company to new levels of growth and profitability. Find out more and book.
  • Personal Effectiveness - Increase personal effectiveness by optimising planning, prioritising activities, improving communication with key stakeholders, and managing yourself to deliver key objectives. Find out more and book.
  • Account Management - Learn how to set clear account objectives, manage relationships effectively to attract more business and move from successful recruiter to trusted advisor. Find out more and book
  • Inclusive+ Recruiter - Gain a greater understanding of ED&I, enabling you to attract a more diverse candidate base, make the case for increased diversity with your clients and support their inclusive journey. Find out more and book

For new recruits to the industry or for individuals with less than 18 months of experience with offer a range of courses which can be found here.

Delivery of courses 


Virtual, trainer led 
(2 x 4-hour Zoom sessions)

Virtual, trainer led 
(1 day)



Open place*


            (5+ delegates)


 Find out more about delivery methods here

*Please note that Inclusive+ Recruiter is an online self-paced course.

Upcoming Recruitment Skill 18+ Months courses

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