Set up your new starters for success with this range of expertly designed APSCo courses - perfect for resourcers and recruiters in their first 18 months.

All courses can be utilised as stand-alone training or to complement your in-house onboarding and skills training. 

Course we offer 

If members of your team have been in the industry for 18 months or more you may wish to consider our range of courses tailored to them here.

Available for individuals booking open training or for groups of 5 or more on an in-company basis. 

Delivery of courses


Virtual, trainer led 
(2 x 4-hour Zoom sessions)

Virtual, trainer led 
(1 day)
Open place* X
(5+ delegates)

Find out more about delivery methods here.

*Please note that Compliance+ Recruiter and Inclusive+ Recruiter are online self-paced courses.

Upcoming Recruitment Skill 0-18 Months courses

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