We conduct public policy activity with a campaign-led approach raising awareness of the APSCo brand, professional recruitment and outsourcing. Briefings are shared with MPs and Ministers and our wider stakeholder base and provide a useful tool to both secure engagement and put forward APSCo’s recommendations in an engaging way. 

We are responsive to government policies and the changing news agenda, driving a joined-up approach across our public relations, social media and communications and public policy engagement. 

Evolving our campaign-led approach allows APSCo to continue building its profile as a trusted, research-led partner to the UK government and parliament generally on the professional sector recruitment – ensuring member voices are heard. 

We recognise evolving international themes through our member policy representative groups- making more of APSCo’s: access to the largest global recruiters and local SME  members across different sectors and countries. 

Our 2024 Mission Statement: 

"The leading authoritative ‘go to’ voice in staffing in highly skilled sectors and recruitment outsourcing, trusted by policymakers and its members to articulate labour market policies to drive growth and raise productivity."




Pre 2022