Find out information here about budgets, policies, changes in government, and the political parties.

Budget Summaries 

APSCo UK and OutSource prepare detailed budget and financial statement summaries within 24 hours of the Chancellor’s speeches. These summaries cover the key tax changes announced in the Chancellor’s speeches, include tables of the main rates and allowances and a calendar of the tax year with important deadline dates shown.  APSCo recommends that members review financial plans regularly as some aspects of budgets are not implemented until later dates. 

These summaries are also produced in a quality booklet format and mailed to all members to be used throughout the year as an easy reference guide. 

Kings’ Speeches 

Following the State Opening of Parliament The King delivers a speech laying out his Government’s ambitions and the Bills expected in the next Parliamentary session.  Our public policy advisors Cavendish Advocacy produce  briefings for our members on important political change. 

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