NatWest is committed to supporting Businesses across the recruitment sector. We are one of the few UK banks with a team of specialists focused on recruitment based in London and Manchester. The teams were established over 10 years ago and provide sector expertise, advice and banking solutions to recruitment businesses. We enable our customers to develop their businesses to grow both in the UK and internationally.  

When growing a business we appreciate the importance of having your key providers working in partnership with you. This helps ensure that everyone is working in collaboration to help you achieve your full potential. At NatWest, we also take this approach so that the banking and other services we provide meet your business’s needs and work as efficiently as possible.  

We are also able to provide various funding solutions from working capital solutions, via RBS Invoice Finance, overdraft facilities, to loans for expansion whether organic or through acquisition. We also have a financial sponsors team that can support customers when looking at their options with private equity companies.

If you would like to know more please contact one of our Directors, either Steve in London or Guy in Manchester, details in the contact box.