APSCo has partnered with leading UK legal firm JMW Solicitors LLP to provide free technical advice and support for members. This means that APSCo members can contact the Immigration Help desk with any questions in relation to UK Immigration Law and how to recruit employees who are either EU nationals or non-EEA nationals.  

To use the Immigration Help desk, email [email protected] with your company’s email address and your contact telephone details and some basic information on your query. The turnaround target is 48 hours, and you will receive up to 20 minutes free specialist advice from an experienced immigration solicitor from JMW Solicitors LLP. The Immigration Help desk is available from 9 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.  

Popular issues covered by the Immigration Help desk include:  

  • Changes in the immigration rules following Brexit   
  • The EU settlement scheme  
  • How to complete Right to Work checks for EU/non-EU staff  
  • Steps to take to ensure that you are able to recruit EEA/non-EEA workers   
  • How to apply for a sponsor licence to employ workers  
  • The type of roles that qualify for the Skilled Worker route  
  • What alternative options are available if the role is not sufficiently qualified for a Skilled Worker role.  

If the enquiry is complex and takes longer than 20 minutes to resolve, a fee may be charged for any additional work. If this is the case, JMW Solicitors LLP will provide an estimate of their fee before it is charged and there is no obligation to use their services. 

Legal Training

You can also find details of our legal and compliance workshop here and our essential recruitment compliance course for recruiters here.


APSCo Helpdesks can only form opinions and provide generic guidance based on the information provided by the user of the Helpdesk.  Information provided by the helpdesks should not be treated as professional legal, accountancy or compliance advice. The helpdesks are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, the ICEAW or any other regulatory body and no professional/client relationship exists between the helpdesk advisor, their organisation and the user.  Any advice given is non-binding. 

If partial or incomplete information is provided to the helpdesks, the opinion given is likely to differ to that which would be given if based on the full facts. To the fullest extent permissible by law, APSCo, its helpdesk partners and its advisors (the helpdesk providers) hereby exclude all liability in so far as permissible in law, for any claim, loss, demands or damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of the helpdesk and/or any information, opinion or advice given and the helpdesk user will hold the helpdesk providers harmless in respect of such claims.

Polite Notice

Our helpdesk staff and Partners treat all helpdesk users with courtesy and respect. Similarly, we expect our helpdesk staff and Partners to be treated in the same way. We have a duty to protect the welfare and safety of our helpdesk colleagues. Aggressive, abusive or threatening language and / or behaviours towards our helpdesk staff or Partners will not be tolerated under any circumstances.