10 Jun 2024
by APSCo United Kingdom

Choosing the Right Training Path: Government Funded vs. Traditional Methods

Government Funded vs. Traditional Training: What's Right for You?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve requires constant upskilling and training. For recruitment businesses, the choice between government funded training and traditional training methods is crucial. APSCo’s webinar in partnership with Recruitment Juice, aims to shed light on these options and help you decide what’s right for your business. Join our webinar on Wednesday 19th June at 11am-12pm.

What is Government Funded Training?

Government funded training, particularly through apprenticeships, offers a structured learning pathway supported by significant subsidies. For example, recruitment apprenticeships are 95% supported by the government, making them highly cost-effective for businesses. 

Members referred through APSCo, who undertake a recruitment apprenticeship will receive Inclusive+ included in their apprenticeship without an additional charge.

How Can It Benefit your Recruitment Businesses?

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: With a government funding, businesses only need to pay around £16 per month or use their levy funds. This makes it a financially attractive option.
  2. High Success Rate: Recruitment Juice has a 98% distinction rate in their apprenticeship programmes.
  3. Comprehensive Development: These programmes are designed to develop both professional and personal skills.

Join Our Webinar

Explore these topics and more in our upcoming webinar. Learn how to leverage government-funded training for your recruitment business and consider alternative training options that might suit your business needs. Ensure your team is prepared to face current market challenges with the right skills and knowledge.

Find out more about our Government Funded vs. Traditional Training: What's Right for You? Webinar here

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