APSCo Forums are peer group meetings that bring together professionals and experts with similar functional responsibilities (e.g. Finance, HR and Marketing) or interests (e.g. overseas expansion, recruitment in the regions and SME business issues). Meetings are held wither virtually or face to face and give access to expert content relevant to your particular area of specialism.

The current list of APSCo Forums includes:

  • Credit Control Forum – for finance managers
  • Embrace Forum – for those responsible or interested in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) matters
  • FD Forum – for finance directors and CFOs
  • HR Forum – for HR managers and directors 
  • International Forum (combined European & ROW) - for directors of organisations conducting or wishing to conduct recruitment business globally
  • Legal Forum – for counsel and those responsible for legal matters
  • Marketing Forum – for marketing directors and managers
  • SME Forum – for directors of SME member organisations
  • Trusted Partner Forum – for directors of companies providing services to APSCo members
  • South West Business Forum – for recruitment leaders in the south west
  • Southern Business Forum – for recruitment leaders in the south
  • Midlands Business Forum - for recruitment leaders in the midlands
  • Northeast Business Forum - for recruitment leaders in the north
  • Yorkshire Business Forum - for recruitment leaders in Yorkshire
  • Scottish Business Forum - for recruitment leaders in Scotland

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Forum Chairs

Credit Control
  • Barry Cullen, Director, RecLaw
Embrace Forum
  • Paul Modley, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, AMS
  • Be Kaler Pilgrim, Founder & Director, Future Heads
FD Forum 
  • Keith Wilmott, CFO, Venn Group
HR & TD Forum 
  • Jennifer Abdelaty, HR Manager, Evolution Recruitment Solutions
International Forum
  • Stephen Shorter, Group CEO, Cobalt Recruitment
  • John Mortimer, CEO, Angela Mortimer
Legal Forum 
  • Jeni Howard, Global Director of Risk & Compliance, Evolution Jobs
Marketing Forum 
  • Vickie Collinge, Associate Director, BlueSky PR
  • Romilly Wakeling, Managing Director, Dunbar Education
SME Forum
  • Liz Prince, Business Manager, Amiqus
Trusted Partner
  • Amy Davies, MD, PGC Group
Tech Showcase
  • Richard Steel, IT Director, Frank Group
Midlands Business Forum 
  • Kevin Moran, Co-Owner, Broster Buchanan
Northwest Business Forum 
  • Liz Prince, Business Manager, Amiqus
  • Lee Knowles, Data Protection Officer, Adepto Technical Recruitment
Scottish Business Forum
  • Kai Murray, Director, Kai Consultancy 
Southern Business Forum
  • Terry Buckel, MD, Astute Technical
South West / Bristol Business Forum  
  • Che Hookings, CEO, Recruit121
Yorkshire/Northeast Business Forum 
  • Jonathan Sanderson, Director, Corecom
  • Graham Lucas, Managing Director, Michael Page