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The recently updated Recruitment Leader Programme provides unrivalled learning for the recruitment leaders of today and rising stars of tomorrow. The qualification delivered by APSCo/CMI is the CMI Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management and Leadership. Upon completing the qualification, delegates will be awarded Foundation Chartered Manager Status and will be able to use fCMgr on their credentials. There are four modules and three workplace assessments and all delegates will benefit from highly experienced trainers, a learning support co-ordinator and comprehensive resources from the Management Direct Learning Hub. The four modules comprise: 

Stepping into First Line Management 

Gives new and existing team leaders and managers the resources they need to
build their management toolkit, learning how to effectively communicate and
engage their team, balance priorities and build a winning team mentality. Find out more or check availability below.

Focus on Performance 

New and established managers will equally benefit from this course focusing on
driving consistent business performance. They will gain the tools and confidence
to set performance standards and effectively recognise and positively manage
underperformance. Find out more or check availability below.

Nurturing Talent 

Focusing on best practice methods in relation to training, coaching, delegating
and providing effective feedback, this course will equip delegates with the tools
needed to grow and develop their people, allowing individuals and teams to
achieve their full potential. Find out more or check availability below.

Building High Performing Teams

This course provides team leaders and managers with the insight and
techniques to analyse team performance, enhance the quality of interaction and
communication between team members and inspire them to greater success. Find out more or check availability below.

Find out more about the Foundation Chartered Manager Status here.

What our attendees say

Stepping into First Line Management

Amazing, best course I have ever been on. Extremely relatable, informative, makes you question your inner self and where you want to be aspirationally for the future... It went above and beyond my expectations, got me thinking about how I can interact with the team to motivate and inspire.

- LA International

Way better than I was expecting... Perfect training style, delivery, involvement of us on the course and empowering us to be better leaders.

- Bluewave

Very well structured, informative course. Kept engagement and got me thinking. Although this is the start of the programme, it was incredibly informative and unlocked some unconscious thoughts.

- Caspian One

Focus on Performance

I was fully aware this course would challenge me, and make me question certain areas. It has managed and exceeded any thoughts. 

- Dynamite Recruitment

Great courses, very good delivery and style of the training.

- Heart Teaching 

Nurturing Talent

It is really helpful that the course is related to the company as everything is referred back to as an example and practical... Absolutely worth it! 

- Green Park

 Not only it provides the theory and 'best practices', but it also recognises the difficulties of putting these into practice. Return on investment is often a difficult sell.

- Green Park

 The course content is delivered directly in a way that makes us think about impact on our own teams/business and she challenges us to justify and think hard about our opinions which is great.

- Bluewave Select

Building High Performing Teams

Very inclusive and engaging.  Created a warm and safe environment that allowed me to be myself without worrying about what people might think about my views/experiences.

- Green Park

This module is very relevant for me at the moment as I wanted to find ways to build a high performing team. Learning about the individual roles within the team and my style is very useful.

- Edward Thomas 

 I enjoy the informal yet informative nature of the training, being able to speak with guys from so many different company backgrounds is super insightful.

- Handle


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