08 Aug 2022
by jobsaware

Extra support for workers with new JobsAware umbrella partnership

JobsAware has formally agreed a joint working pilot with the umbrella sector to enable contractors to report abuses they suffer within the labour market. 

The pilot, which will promote JobsAware’s free help and advice service to workers, is part of a wider set of co-regulation schemes developed by JobsAware and UK government with the aim of raising standards in the labour market and stamping out non-compliance. 

With a change of Prime Minister imminent, the announcement comes against a backdrop of uncertainty for both the Employment Bill and Single Enforcement Body, both initiatives designed to protect UK workers.

Partnering with the umbrella sector, which accounts for more than 400,000 contractors and freelancers, is key to improving standards in the sector and generating data on non-compliant practices to drive more enforcement action within the flexible labour market. 
Participating umbrella organisations will initially be able to show their support for worker rights by advertising the JobsAware service via payslips and other means. The move comes after the JobsAware Payment Intermediaries sub-committee, a joint committee of payroll companies, trade bodies, and government agencies, agreed a first set of principles for joint working and promotion of the service  

Two organisations - Workwell™, the UK’s largest umbrella, and Pendragon Umbrella, a trading brand of Pendragon Consultancy, are the scheme’s launch partners and will be the first umbrella organisations to promote the free JobsAware service to workers.

Head of Accounting, Chris James, Workwell™, said:

JobsAware’s mission is one we whole-heartedly endorse.  The Taylor Review and Good Work Plan highlighted the need to improve worker rights in the UK and the JobsAware scheme is playing a crucial role.  As the UK’s largest Umbrella and contractor accountancy firm, we were only too pleased to support the organisation and its important work, particularly in relation to temporary workers. We’re looking forward to meeting with the various partner organisations and helping to inform policy about the UK’s thriving labour market which we believe should be good for workers and good for businesses alike.

Chief Executive, Janet De-Havilland, Pendragon Consultancy said:

Protecting worker rights has never been so important and we are proud to be taking part in the JobsAware pilot. We will work to raise awareness and ensure that this invaluable resource becomes the trusted go to for educating non-permanent workers of their rights, whilst enabling those encountering non-compliant practices or scams to be able to report it directly.

JobsAware Chair, Keith Rosser, said: 

By working closely with the umbrella sector, we believe we can reach an even larger audience to help address critical sector issues, share information and tackle the non-compliance that we know the industry can face.

 The agreed principles of joint working with key members of the umbrella sector are:

  • Demonstrate that Payment Intermediary partners are working proactively to protect contractor rights.
  • A place to refer contractors that have concerns about their employment.
  • A place to refer contractors that need general employment help or advice.
  • An opportunity for Payment Intermediary partners to engage with UK Government, through the sub-committee, to discuss issues and opportunities in the sector.
  • A place for Payment Intermediary partners to report abuse, such as contractor fraud.

More about JobsAware, Workwell™, and Pendragon Consultancy


JobsAware is a non-profit social enterprise originally set up the Metropolitan Police to help prevent scams in the labour market. JobsAware enjoys cross-government support.

JobsAware, which provides free online help and advice to those finding work or in non-permanent work, also supplies data on non-compliance to regulators, law enforcement, and trade bodies as appropriate, as well as working with government on enforcement action against non-compliant organisations. 


Workwell™ is the leading provider of payroll & accountancy services to freelance workers in the UK and overseas. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of contractors and freelancers, from one-person businesses to those who have ambitions to grow.

We also support recruitment businesses and end hirers with a suite of solutions including compliant engagement models; back-office and funding solutions and consultancy.

We are on a mission to help more people enjoy flexible working and more organisations tap into the power of flexible talent.

Pendragon Consultancy 

Pendragon Consultancy is a boutique firm which provides global contingent workforce consulting. We are the industry specialists in compliance audits and employment services, supporting organisations and agencies which hire non– permanent workers in the UK and 150 countries around the globe.

Under the Pendragon brand we also provide employment intermediary services via Pendragon Umbrella to contracting professionals. Pendragon Umbrella has a commitment to safeguard the employment rights of workers seeking umbrella services, through compliance, best practice, transparency and first-class service.

Our team are friendly and professional with decades of experience in providing advice on the engagement, assessment, employment and retention of a flexible workforce.