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Wednesday 22nd May

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Shazia Imtiaz, General Counsel, APSCo

How to tap into a diverse talent pool through digital inclusion

Chris Hind, UK Sales Team Manager, ReciteMe

In today’s interconnected world, digital tools have revolutionised the way organisations engage with potential candidates.

From attraction to onboarding and beyond, a significant amount of the recruitment journey takes place online. Yet many people encounter obstacles when researching and applying for a new job. 

We’ll explore how you can utilise your digital channels to attract a diverse talent pool. From application forms to online assessments, we’ll shine a light on the often-overlooked aspects of the digital candidate experience.

Learn how to create a seamless digital recruitment journey that creates a level playing field for your diverse candidates. 

Creating an inclusive candidate journey is not just ethically right; it is also a strategic advantage for organisations in today’s diverse and competitive job market.

We’ll explore the transformative power of workplace inclusion from building a positive employer brand to improved innovation.

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Chris Hind

Chris Hind

UK Sales Team Manager, Recite Me

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