Recruitment skills training comprises of a full range of recruitment courses offering two distinct levels.

  • Foundation Recruiter: A suite of courses and workshops designed to provide any new recruiter with up to 18 months’ experience with the skills to be able to thrive in a professional recruitment firm. They will complement in-house onboarding and skills training and equally act as an excellent refresher. Find out more here.
  • Advanced Recruiter: For more experienced recruiters who have the core skills and are now looking to develop their knowledge and boost their billing. Find out more here.

In addition, we are also offering a Personal Effectiveness course which will help recruiters enhance effectiveness in several critical areas, improving performance, and helping delegates understand how they are perceived and how to maximise results. Ensure your recruiters are working in the most effective way within extremely busy environments no matter their level of experience. It will enable delegates to be in control of their work, and well-being and drive personal effectiveness. Find out more here.

What our attendees say

Foundation Recruiter


I had been hoping to get a better idea of how to further develop client leads and the initial BD processes I had started from the course before - I have developed and gained the skills I need to do this.

- Smart Education

In this course there were a lot of refreshers/reminders of the importance of standing out, and also new golden nuggets to work on. Bringing a lot of key information to the front of my mind, which I am keen to continue to implement immediately. 

- VMA Group 

I would 100% recommend this course as it has been very helpful for me. Many of the skills I now have have been gained from this course.

- Advance Global Recruitment 

I feel I have come away with lots of tricks and tips that will help me along my journey. Lots of things to think about and impletment in my day to day conversations with candidates. I feel like it has helped me want to take my time more with the individual client and build  a relationship with them. I feel this will help me be more successful.

- Synergize

Super succinct with the necessary depth in the particular areas which turn an average consultant into a knowledgeable and confident consultant.

- VMA Group 

I feel that the depth of the information given to help us with screening and also sourcing the right candidates really built my knowledge. The training on how to keep candidates engaged and keep us at an advantage of our competitors is something I really wanted to grow on, which this training has also helped and supported.

- Bluestones Group 

This course allowed me to get a better understanding of BD/Sales calls and gave me the tools that I will need and have practiced on how to structure and prepare for calls and at the same time to how to overcome barriers and objections. 

Nicoll Curtin

Really engaging content and good flow. It feels like the knowledge builds through the stages of content to make sure the building blocks are in place.

- Nicoll Curtin 

I now have more confidence to contact new or lapsed clients and in the process to go through when I do.

- Smart Education

Advanced Recruiter

The course went above my expectations. I have been a part of other courses in the past which touched on certain subjects, whereas with this course there were subjects that were fully explained so it was easily understood. Not only was it discussed but we conducted activities to help process the information in a different way.

- Millbank

This course has helped me think about how I can strategise my sales/put my prospects and clients into categories A,B,C - A being the highest spending/best relationship etc. This idea, I feel, is a very good way to manage them.

- Bluestone 

Very engaging and enthusiastic, promoted a safe environment for ideas and questions to be put forward to the group. Very knowledgeable about subject matter and clearly had a real talent for teaching. Do it. Well worth the money.

- Sheldon Phillips 


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