Stepping into First Line Management

This powerful course gives new and existing team leaders and managers the resources they need to build their management toolkit. The challenge of balancing their own targets with the needs of the team and each individual is addressed as they learn how to confidently communicate and engage their team. 

Each workshop is led by a highly skilled trainer and consists of 2 four-hour sessions using Zoom Video conferencing, or, in the case of face-to-face training, a one-day training centre-based session.

Agenda highlights
  • The challenges of team leadership
  • Exploring leadership styles
  • Managing versus leading
  • Influencing and engaging others
  • Motivating individuals and small teams
  • Improving performance
  • Developing self and others
  • Leading by example
Learning outcomes
  • Understand why people follow leaders and what’s expected of them
  • Be able to engage their team and communicate effectively with them
  • Know what motivates and de-motivates individuals
  • Understand how to balance their priorities - billing vs. managing and leading
  • Learn how to develop small, high performing teams
Some key features of video workshops
  • Virtual trainer-led workshop that recreates the experience and impact of live, in-person training
  • Maximum of 8 participants to replicate the sharing and participatory benefits of an ‘in-person’ experience
  • Interactive tools, such as polling, chats and breakout groups.
Target audience
  • Recruiters planning to take up their first supervisory, team leader, management or mentoring role
  • Managers and leaders with no previous formal management training
  • New managers who would like some time to reflect on their role and refresh their management techniques
  • Non-recruiters for example team leaders, back and front office managers, department managers

What our attendees say

Amazing, best course I have ever been on. Extremely relatable, informative, makes you question your inner self and where you want to be aspirationally for the future... It went above and beyond my expectations, got me thinking about how I can interact with the team to motivate and inspire.

- LA International

Way better than I was expecting... Perfect training style, delivery, involvement of us on the course and empowering us to be better leaders.

- Bluewave 

Very well structured, informative course. Kept engagement and got me thinking. Although this is the start of the programme, it was incredibly informative and unlocked some unconscious thoughts.

- Caspian One 

Charlotte Clark
Ruth Farrar
Rachel Ellsmore