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Thursday 14th September

Welcome & introduction 

Nick Croucher, Partner, The SR Group/Frazer Jones
Natasha Makhijani, CEO, Oliver Sanderson 

APSCo update

Becky Condon, UK Enterprise Manager, APSCo

Expert speakers from Grant Thornton will lead this three-part webinar covering:

Inclusion and diversity

Harriet Jones, Manager - People Consulting, Grant Thornton and Maddie Wallerton Blanks, Director, Grant Thornton

HR professionals have a critical role to play in creating and maintaining inclusive and diverse organisations by adopting comprehensive hiring practices, creating a culture of inclusion and providing training on inclusion and diversity (I&D).   Discussions will focus on;

  • Current challenges facing HR recruitment businesses in terms of inclusion & diversity (I&D).
  • The I&D platform: a new tool for assessing and improving inclusion & diversity in organisations.
  • Case studies of businesses that have successfully implemented I&D initiatives.
Talent solutions

Elaine Jacobs, Talent Solutions Manager, Grant Thornton and Stuart Brown, Service Delivery Manager - Talent Solutions, Grant Thornton

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for employers to fill skills gaps and upskill their businesses. Apprentices are motivated to learn new skills and are often eager to contribute to the organisation.  This session will highlight;

  • The importance of apprenticeships in today's workforce.
  • How to create a successful apprenticeship programme.
  • Case studies of businesses that have successfully implemented apprenticeship programmes.
Employee benefits

Laurie Eggleston, Employee Benefits Consultant, Grant Thornton and Simon Juffs, Employee Benefits Consultancy Manager, Grant Thornton

Getting employee benefits right is probably one of the most critical factors affecting employee retention and contributes to employee wellbeing.  This session with a look at the latest trends in employee benefits and how to create the right employee benefit offering for your business.

Closing remarks


Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Service Delivery Manager , Grant Thornton UK LLP

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Laurie  Eggleston

Laurie Eggleston

Employee Benefits Consultant , Grant Thornton UK LLP

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Simon Juffs

Simon Juffs

Employee Benefit Consultancy Manager, Grant Thornton

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Maddie  Wollerton Banks

Maddie Wollerton Banks

Director - People Consulting , Grant Thornton

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