Our Clinical & Healthcare Sector group provides a forum to debate the sector's current challenges and issues facing the sector. Discussions regularly cover legal and compliance, best practices, market conditions, regulatory matters and public policy. APSCo also offers Compliance+ accreditation, unique research, networking events, and our latest sector news and blogs

Our Expertise

Having grown our clinical and healthcare membership base since 2015, we formally launched our sector group in October 2021. This has allowed us to:

  • Provide an environment in which both large and smaller members have an equal footing
  • Foster a positive culture within the sector group to support open discussion, and facilitate an environment where members can build networks for the purpose of collaboration
  • Develop Compliance+ Clinical & Healthcare an uncompromising quality benchmark for clinical and healthcare recruitment companies
  • Build relationships with the framework providers to encourage a move towards a more consistent approach to compliance requirements, and to encourage the adoption of Compliance+ Clinical & Healthcare as a recognised audit standard
  • Build relationships with end client stakeholders to create a community of highly valued, professional, and quality assured recruitment partners
  • Provide support and guidance for compliance managers, through specific meetings, events and legal resources
  • Provide legal support and resources to be tailored to support the Clinical and Healthcare sector
  • Increase lobbying on behalf of the healthcare sector, to view our current priorities please see our Clinical & Healthcare sector members report
  • Build relationships with other bodies and organisations within the healthcare sector to provide expert speakers, advice and guidance to members
  • Provide sector group meetings and events giving senior managers and directors from member companies an important opportunity to network and discuss key topics and issues that are relevant to their sector
  • Provide targeted research for the healthcare sector


We hold regular sector meetings, and have recently discussed the following topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities for 2023, presented by Benton Robertson, Founder & Managing Director, Hunter Gatherer AHP
  • Improving productivity whilst protecting patients and staff across the NHS, presented by Lord Bethell of Romford, Former Minister for Technology, Innovation and Life Sciences
  • Technology that will help direct you when considering your Tech Stack presented by Shaun Weise, Regional Vice President & Liz Smith, Enterprise Account Director, Bullhorn
  • Holiday Pay challenges presented by Hannah Morrison, Senior Associate, Brabners

Details of our next sector group meeting can be found here.

Our virtual meetings are recorded and members can download this resource from our On Demand.

Sector Chair

Benton Robertson

Benton Robertson

Managing Director, Hunter AHP

Chair – Clinical Healthcare sector


Compliance + Best Practice Standard

We engaged with both members and external stakeholders, such as NHS Workforce Alliance, NHS Professionals, the Crown Commercial Service, and HealthTrust Europe to develop our unique Compliance+ standard for Clinical & Healthcare - now available for members here.

The aim of this standard is to compel Clinical & Healthcare recruitment companies to go beyond statutory safeguarding and to aim for excellence in competency selection and service quality. APSCo has constructed this ground-breaking standard with the various NHS frameworks in mind, to bring some consistency to compliance requirements, whilst putting the safeguarding of vulnerable people first, through adherence to the highest service criteria.

Sector Research

APSCo has partnered with Trusted Partners to produce Healthcare sector reports free to APSCo members. These reports are based on a wide-ranging analysis of job postings in the recruitment sector. Find our latest sector research here.

Legal Support

Our team of legal experts provides a range of support to our clinical and healthcare members, helping them navigate the complex and ever-changing compliance requirements of clinical and healthcare recruitment. As a member, staffing firms can access:

Business Support

We are the single destination for advice, guidance and support across the clinical & healthcare recruitment sector. Our knowledge of the global professional recruitment market means we have the insight and experience to know what challenges recruiters are facing and how they can be better supported.

 By joining other, like-minded clinical and healthcare recruiters, your business will benefit from:

  • A sector-specific and broader recruitment events schedule
  • Training and development options that are tailored for every function in your recruitment firm
  • Global market intelligence and research
  • Expert advice on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) through the APSCo Embrace hub
  • Access to a range of Trusted Partners – all fully vetted by APSCo
  • Access to a range of Advisors via AdvisorLink
  • A recognised and trusted badge of quality as an APSCo recruitment member

Your next step

Can you afford to miss out on the wealth of support and services APSCo can offer you as a Clinical and Healthcare recruiter? Request a guest place at our next sector meeting to experience this first-hand. Please provide your details below and a member of the team will get back to you, or alternatively, call us on 02031170910.

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