As a globally certified provider of DISC assessments, Ascent Academy specialises in providing assessments to sectors such as schools, HR, consultants, coaches, leaders and managers. We can help you uncover the power of decision making with our validated psychometric assessments.



Our services include:

DiSC Assessments

What is DiSC?

DiSC has been used as a behavioural assessment by businesses, trainers and coaches since 1920's to help understand people. Understanding human behaviour can be complex but using DiSC provides you with a new perspective on how we behave when compared against our own needs and wants.

DiSC Certification training with Ascent Academy.

Learn how to use DiSC style management to become a better leader, communicator and manager. Our DiSC Certification training will give you an in-depth understanding of the assessment and its application including learning about different styles, effective communication strategies and tips for improving teamwork.

We offer several assessments that can be used in combination with each other. We also organise open public DISC training and in-house training combined with individual follow-up sessions. 

Performance Benchmarking – The ultimate hiring toolkit.

Ascent Academy's Benchmarking tool is the starting place for creating a hiring solution that fits your organization and culture. The tool is based on skills, experience, education, trends in the workplace, along with one’s thinking style and workplace values. When hiring Ascent helps organizations understand who they need to hire by comparing candidates against this "bar" we call benchmarking.

Why benchmarking is a benefit for hiring?

Behavioural benchmarking helps businesses make better hiring decisions by evaluating how the potential candidate's personality and work style will fit with the company's culture. This saves time, money, and improves employee retention rates.

Additional DiSC Profiling with coaching session  

3 Step process for Staff and Leadership profiling.

  • Step 1: Complete an online questionnaire designed to take 7 minutes.
  • Step 2: The results will be emailed directly to you. 
  • Step 3: Get a detailed breakdown of the findings and action plan within 45 minutes over the phone or zoom session. 

This tool will support managers and organisations.   

  • Manage performance  
  • Putting teams together  
  • Resolve team issues 
  • Boost drive and motivation  

Additional Training Workshops

  • Winning Team Winning Culture
  • Selling To Personalities
  • 6 Actionable Retention Strategies


"As a Federation of two schools, we are often looking to recruit to various roles within our organisation. With the restrictions in place due to the COVID pandemic, we were unable to meet job candidates in the same way as we would usually. The DiSC profiles provided a really valuable asset in terms of both identifying key character traits in potential candidates, but more importantly as a vehicle to frame more specific questions to them. We have found the information that they give us incredibly valuable and will look to continue with them, even when the current situation becomes more normal."

Mark Girling, The Fedaration of Fairfield Infant and Colneis Junior School

“Having had a meeting with Godwin I was particularly impressed how his personality profiling helps not just with recruitment but with assisting with choices and enabling smarter work processes. I decided just to do it! I was a little nervous to receive my results.
The funniest thing was when Godwin went over the findings with me; he knew exactly how to deal with me and how I would best absorb the information. It was totally amazing; I was actually blown away. But more importantly, I found it incredibly helpful for planning my new work plan. And where I need to kind to myself and areas to try to nurture and those to grow.
I would highly recommend Godwin and not just those who have relationship conflict within their company or looking to recruit.
Godwin has a great balance with his approach, personal and professional. The results speak for themselves”.

Victoria Sedgwick – Stokey Media

“Godwin is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual who has supported Salford Business School and its Students over the last number of years. Based on his own success, Godwin has provided fantastic advice and guidance to students, improving their employability skills and offering placements and internships.
I can highly recommend Godwin”.

Dr Jonathon Lord – Human Resource Management

“I first met Godwin at a business event where I had be seeking help for our company. I knew instantly that he would be the one to mentor us and to help shape our business. Since then, I have been proven right as Godwin has not only provided assistance in future planning and strategy, but also in how such a plan should be implemented, whilst at the same time not making this process an extra 'chore'. All of the above is carried out with infectious enthusiasm, great humour and a wonderful smile. I would therefore thoroughly recommend Godwin Anthony to help take your business forward”.

Kate Gardner – Project Manager